in Collaboration with A.s.d. Alto Jonio Dance FINI Production LLC organizes a dance festival in Villapiana Lido , Calabria Italy from July 18th to the 30th. On July 23rd and the 30th a showcase where participant can show their talents and receive scholarships opportunities.

Scholarships awarded during the showcase in the past were:

– CaraBdanza – School and company – Madrid
– Centro Studi Coreografici Teatro Carcano – Milano
– Fini Dance Festival Italy – New York (only one in Europe)
– Mare Nostrum Elements – NYC
– Martha Graham School – NYC
– MAS Music Art and Show – Milano
– Michael Mao Dance workshop e Company NYC
– Paul Taylor Dance Company NYC (only one in Europe)
– Staten Island Ballet NYC
– Steps On Broadway NYC
– Turin tap Festival – Turin
– key West Modern Dance – Florida
– Blackout in Danza- Cosenza
– Eolie Dance Festival – Eolie Island
Marcobaleno assosiation will award a ticket for New York City to the best dancer.teatro con logo