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Antonio Fini
Direttore Artistico
Italian Dance
Festival New York

Antonio Pio Fini (born in Castrovillari – Italy March 26, 1983) is an Italian born modern dancer, choreographer, and producer, currently performing as a principal dancer for the Michael Mao Dance company, one of the foremost modern and contemporary companies of multi-cultural performers in New York City.

Stylistically, Antonio merges athleticism with art, bringing fluid energy to the simplest of intentions. He marries romance with animalistic movement, creating elegance and poise on stage and film. Using the alchemical motto “solve et coagula” as his thesis, Antonio deconstructs the need to move and express, creating purposeful, poetic movement that feeds his soul and the soul of audiences and students around the world.

In Antonio’s words…: ”That’s why I wake up. It starts with a need. A need to move. A need to express and create… we need food for the soul, solve et coagula, melt and coagulate Live with no fear dance like is the last day of your life “.

Career: Antonio is Artistic Director of Fini Dance Festival Italy – New York a Celebration of Italian Dancers and Choreographers to be held in Altomonte Italy, and New York City. He has been a principal dancer with Michael Mao Dance since 2011, performing in New York City throughout the US, and Europe. He is a special guest with Erin Hawkins dance company and  He has been guest artist for Kosovo Ballet, Staten Island Ballet, Long Island Ballet, Boca Ballet Theater, Mare Nostrum Elements and was in principal roles with the Martha Graham Dance Ensemble.

As choreographer he created works for the National Ballet of Kosovo, Roi Escudero, the Players of the Square, Company in residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and “La danza dei camorristi” for the New York City Opera at Rose Theater at Lincoln Center.

Antonio Fini began his career dancing tarantella, horseback riding, and the Martial Arts in Villapiana, Calabria, Italy, where he was born.

His innate talent for movement and performing qualities earned him a scholarship to Milan’s Centro Studi Coreografici Teatro Carcano directed by Aldo Masella and Renata Bestetti, where he was taught ballet by Margherita Smirnova, and Graham Technique by Elena Albano, appearing also in their respective choreographed works in concert. At Carcano he studied dance, music, drama, acrobatics. In Amsterdam he learned from his sister Grazia to perform fire-dancing.

Before moving to the United States he danced in Italy for Teatro Massimo of Palermo, I Giovani del Carcano, Talenti in Scena and Balletto di Milano.

In TV he danced for Paola Barale, Milano Rockin’ Fashion, designer Frankie Morello in choreography by Luca Tommassini. Antonio was awarded a scholarship by Virginie Mécène, Director of Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, where after three years of intensive studies he became a certified teacher and performer of Martha Graham Technique.

Antonio has choreographed for Talent on Stage in Milan, for Siris Festival of Nova Siri “Diego e Isabella”, “Ethno-show” in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, and in 2005 he won the Olympics Game of Dance in Milan, In 2013 Antonio was commissioned by Kosovo Ballet to create “Where the Light Falls” which remains in Kosovo Ballet’s active repertory.

Antonio has taught dance at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, SLK Ballet School and Huntington Center for Performing Arts, throughout Italy, in Spain, Switzerland, France, Kosovo, and Alaska. He is also a certified Pilates Instructor as well as a Reiki healer.

In January 2011, in New York City Antonio made his first artistic dance video with the Israeli musician/composer Noa Guy.

In the some year Antonio realized his dream to bring the world of dance to his birthplace. He founded AJD-Alto Jonio Dance Festival in his native Villapiana to provide a platform for other young dance talents of Calabria. Now in its fourth year, AJD includes a summer festival with a summer intensive for youngsters from Italy and the USA to study dance, International guests such as Madboots, SLK Ballet and LaScala Milan to perform in the Villapiana Amphitheater, and a competition where winners are awarded scholarships and performing contracts in the US, Brazil, Spain, France and Italy

In 2013 Antonio received the Altomonte Dance Award and created in NYC the first Italian International Dance Festival honoring Alessandra Ferri, Elena Albano and LUIGI, Father of Jazz Dance, and in 2014 IIDF added honorees Platinette and Alessandra Corona in addtion to presenting Mr. Edward Villella with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his tenure as the first Italian-American Premier Dansuer with New York City Ballet and Founder/Director of Miami City Ballet from 1985 to 2012.

In May 2014 Antonio received a Career Award form The Carcano Theater of Milan, concurrent with the founding of FINIDANCENYC to further his work in service of dance and dancers internationally, in particular Italian-American, American and Italian companies/artists, adding cultural icons to its roster of honorees.