Choreography Summer Intensive is a laboratory specially designed for choreographers and teachers interested in exploring new choreographic aids, sources of inspiration, creativity and communication methods.

During the workshop, participants will explore the movement of their body and choreographic language from a personal and emotional point of view following the principles of the The Wave Within method.

Subsequently, with the material explored, we will move on to “fix” movement sequences for a new choreographic project. The workshop will include moments of verification and exchange of views between the participants.

Description of the Method

The Wave Within is an interdisciplinary itinerary in 4 phases that unites the experimentation of European theater / dance, the American movement theater, the exploration of mime and contact, the use of the voice and structured improvisation.
This approach has proven very useful in terms of creativity and stage presence, and translates into a strictly personal body / mind / emotion path.


  1. Preparation – body / mind / emotion connection
  2. Exploration – finding strictly personal movements and sequences
  3. Review – define movement and seek emotional meaning
  4. Performance – representation of personal physical creation

Description of the ECS program

The Emerging Choreographer Series (ECS) is a 360 ° platform that aims to help emerging choreographers acquire knowledge and means to develop their work both from an artistic point of view and from a technical and production point of view.

ECS uses 4 elements:

  1. SPACE GRANT Each participant receives up to 50 hours of rehearsal room to create the job.
  2. MENTORING PROGRAM Participants receive consultations from industry professionals on various subjects (dramaturgy, writing, costumes, lights, finances, marketing and production).
  3. FEEDBACK During the rehearsal period, participants meet every Sunday to show their work-in-progress and receive comments. The work is also viewed by a commission of established choreographers who provide suggestions before staging.
  4. PERFORMANCE At the end of the course the choreographers present their work in a world premiere at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in New York.