What they say about us

I was lucky enough to receive the Dancing Angels Foundation Scholarship to attend the Fini dance summer Intensive in 2019, Thank you to Masha Maddux Wake Forest Dance Festival Audition program for Fini Dance Festival. It was truly the most amazing experience. Getting to spend the summer in Italy was a dream come true. The training was rigorous and truly prepared me for a professional career in dance. I became a completely different dancer after those 3 weeks. I got to train with some of the best dancers and choreographers in the field. They made me stronger and pushed me to be the best I could be. I also made relationships with the faculty and they continue to provide me with performance opportunities. I feel so lucky that they still check in on me and see how I’m doing! I am currently living in Chicago and dancing for a modern (Project Bound Dance) and contemporary ballet (Aerial Dance Chicago) company and am excited to see where my professional career continues to take me! Antonio Fini is changing dancers lives by providing them with amazing training and opportunities. I am so lucky our paths crossed and that he is apart of my life!

Haley MercinProject Bound Dance Chicago

I met Maestro Fini when I was a child. He saw me grow and followed in all stages of my career. Thanks to Fini Dance I was able to dance on the stage choreography by Michale Mao (Verdi requiem and song of Helena) dance at the Alvin Ailey dance theater in New York and study for free for 3 weeks at the Paul Taylor American modern dance summer intensive. In 2014 I also received a scholarship that allowed me to live in America for 6 months at the Martha Graham school of contemporary dance, an experience that changed my life, made me grow physically and made me understand what I really wanted!
Today I dance for a professional musical company as principal with performances every weekend.
The thing that Antonio gave me most was to open my eyes to the reality around me, the luck of being born in art, of being able, not only to dance, but also to sing and act. We all dream of what is far from us. But when we realize that what is around us is true happiness … We are truly lucky.

Sara PaternianiScuola Capogiro Fano - Compagnia di Musical Neverland

I’m Simona Paterniani, director of the dizzying school of Fano and the company of Musical Neverland on tour in Italy with two productions.
I met Antonio even before Fini Dance was born. I saw him dance in New York and it was love immediately. He came to my school and started me in the Graham technique and from there his advice made us grow. His energy, positive charge pushed me beyond limits that I never thought I would overcome. Thanks to Fini Dance, my work was shown in New York at the Italian international Dance Award. Our students thanks to Fini Dance have entered with scholarship of the largest centers in the world. We go to Calabria every year and experience the thrill of studying with Juilliard teachers.
What to say … Fini Dance is not just a brand Fini Dance is a big and beautiful family!

Simona PaternianiScuola Capogiro Fano - Compagnia di Musical Neverland

I met Antonio at the Carcano Theater in Milan where he gave me a scholarship for the Summer Intensive in Villapiana, he said “come, trust me“.
The summer was attended by Virginie Mecene, the Martha Graham School Director, who gave me a scholarship for the youth company. I also won the Marcobaleno scholarship which helped me with my first expenses. I still remember all the emotions. Now I dance in the parent company of the Martha Graham Dance Company and I can happily say #FiniDanceChangeYourDestiny.

Alessio CrognaleMartha Graham Dance Company
In 2014 I received a 50% scholarship to participate in Fini Dance in Italy (during an event organized by Csen di Pino Tarantino).
I never expected that from that workshop in Villapiana (not even the trains arrived) I would come to dance for the Hispanic Ballet of New York, one of the most dynamic and recognized companies of Manhattan and the world. During the workshop in Calabria Antonio Fini has always been very demanding, the first week of Graham technique with him was very difficult but he prepared me for the following week where I received the scholarship to go to New York and without knowing how a sacrifice after the other Fini Dance Changed my destiny.
Antonio CangianoBalletto Hispanico