Regulation Fini Dance Intensive

Art.1 – Registration procedure. The Classes are organized by FINI Production LLC.

It is requested for each registrant to:

  1. send via email/whatsapp the receipts of payment of the registration fee, if made by bank transfer;
  2. to fill in the registration form on the page indicating the exact data required;
  3. hand deliver a copy of an identity document (it is needed Passport for estra UE citizens);
  4. hand deliver a certificate of good physical condition or a valid medical certificate for competitive activities (here you can download the selfcertificate, it must be filled and hand delivered).

Art.2The chosen course must be purchased through the online shop on and paid before the start of the courses. The fee paid will in no case be refundable. The payment receipt must be attached to the paper documentation to be presented at the beginning of the courses for registration of attendance. Each participant is responsible for the authenticity of the documentation provided. If the organizers were to verify that they are not true or incomplete, the same will be excluded from the school without a refund of registration.

Art.3 – The travel and accommodation expenses of the participants are fully charged to them. The organization will indicate a list of hotels and accommodations to choose from. It is mandatory to book at the affiliated facilities, otherwise registrations will not be accepted. The payments for the accommodation must be paid by the start of the courses, the fees paid are not refundable for any reason.

Art.4. – Students are required to attend all courses. There are no optional lessons. 4.1. There is a dress code to respect for each lesson: light colored leotards for women, nude tights for ballet, leotard and dark / black stockings for modern or leotard. For men academic gray, white or nude tops, socks and shoes for the classic, leotard or academic dark / black for the modern. Sneakers with clean soles to be used only in the hall for those who attend hip hop classes.

Art. 5 – The photographic and video material created by Fini Production LLC and their partners will be the exclusive property of the organization: The participant (or parent), with his signature, authorizes the organization to film, photograph, record, the image, the voice, conversation and any other any artistic or amateur performance rendered by the participant in the course. The organization will therefore be the legitimate owner of all the rights of use and in any case of any other right on them with the right to use, reproduce and fix with any procedure and transmit or disseminate the recordings and photographs, in whole or in part, with any means and system of dissemination, in order to promote the courses, all this without any consideration in favor of the participant. 5.1 By signing these regulations, the participant automatically authorizes the organizational office to freely use their image and to collect their personal data pursuant to art.13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 and GDPR 2016/679. The personal data requested, will be processed with or without the aid of IT tools, kept according to the prescribed safety standards and used for the courses and related activities by the organization, to which you can contact for any request concerning your data. Complete privacy policy available on 5.2 All participants who intend to publish their shots and / or footage taken during the Fini Dance New York events on social media are requested to use the following hashtags and quotes: @finidancenewyork @antoniofininyc #finidancechangeyourdestiny #finidancenewyork #antoniofini.

Art.6 – As contemplated in this regulation, every decision is up to the organizers. By signing these Regulations, the participant accepts it in its entirety and relieves the organizers of any civil and criminal liability for damages of any kind to people or things that may occur during the course of the courses, whether they are suffered or caused by participating people to courses. 6.1 Outside the event venues, the organization assumes no responsibility for supervising/tutoring underage students, who must always be accompanied by an adult.

Art.7 – The organization reserves the right to make changes to these regulations in order to optimize the success of the lessons, undertaking not to cause discomfort to the participants and to warn them in time of the aforementioned changes.