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Fini Dance Festival is a celebration of Italian and international artists. Heir of the Alto Jonio Dance Festival in Calabria and of the Italian International Dance Festival in Manhattan arrives Fini Dance Festival Italy – New York . The 7th edition of the Festival will take place in Italy from  July  18th to the 30th  and in New York   from August 21st to the 31st.  Fini Dance Festival present Terese Capucilli with the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her illustrious career as a dancer, and master teacher.  The award will be presented at the Alvin Ailey City Group Theater by the Artistic Director Antonio Fini. Awardees included extraordinary dancer Award to Mairelorene Fichaux  guest dance with the Boston Ballet, the Paris Opera and Staten Island Ballet and Rising Star Awards to emerging artist Alessio Crognale e Antonio Cangiano future in Michael Mao choreography Weaving.

Fini Dance Italian International Dance Awards 2013-2106

* * *

LUIGI father of Jazz Dance “Life Time Achievement Award”

ALESSANDRA FERRI   “Extraordinary Dancer Award”

ELENA ALBANO   “Bridge Award”

EDWARD VILLELLA   “Life Time Achievement Award”

ALESSANDRA CORONA  “Extraordinary Dancer Award”

LA SPOSA IN BLUE      “Emerging Musical Award”

 JACQULYN BUGLISI    “Life Time Achievement Award”

PETRA CONTI   “Extraordinary Dancer Award”



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